Elements of Kyoto Sowaka’s furnishings and amenities highlight
the very best of local Kyoto craftsmanship.

Sowaka’s guest rooms are decorated with carefully selected furniture,
fixtures and amenities, all of which are closely connected to Kyoto.
These unique furnishings naturally complement the traditional design of your room,
helping turn your stay into an immersive, luxurious experience.
High-grade Natural Wool Mattress from Iwata

High-grade Natural Wool Mattress from “Iwata"

It has been Iwata’s sole purpose to provide comfortable bedding since its establishment as a futon shop in Kyoto’s Sanjo district in 1830.
Our guest rooms feature Iwata’s “Larkowl” high-performance mattresses. These mattresses are made with high-grade natural wool such as cashmere and camel hair, and do not bounce or squeak like spring mattresses or accumulate odors like urethane mattresses.
Densely cushioned, with just the right amount of support, Iwata mattresses make for a comfortable, restful night’s sleep.

NENRIN Speakers Made of Kitayama Cedar

“NENRIN” Speakers Made of Kitayama Cedar

These uniquely shaped Bluetooth speakers are made locally by Kyoto Natural Factory out of Kitayama cedar, grown in the northern part of Kyoto. This dense, sturdy wood has long been prized as a traditional building material, particularly for making alcove posts in tea ceremony rooms and Japanese-style houses.
The cedar logs are carefully hollowed into cylinders to form the speaker body.
Each speaker is masterfully handmade by the craftsmen of Kyoto.
We hope you enjoy their warm tone, produced by all-natural Japanese wood.

Bath Amenities from Kazurasei Shinise

Bath Amenities from Kazurasei Shinise

Our bath amenities, including soaps, shampoos and skin care products, are all from the long-established Kazurasei Shinise shop, which has been selling beauty products and hair accessories since 1861.

Camellia oil has long been used as a beauty treatment in Japan. This pure oil, rich in nourishing vitamins, gently moistens the hair and skin.
Kazurasei Shinise’s hair care and skin care products are made with 100% organic camellia oil extracted by the shop’s unique manufacturing method.

Underground Water from the Kyoto Basin

Underground Water from the Kyoto Basin

Surrounded on three sides by mountains, the valley in which Kyoto sits contains an abundance of pure, clean water.
Our hotel uses that natural water drawn directly from the ground beneath our site.
Having benefited from this water for ages, the people of Kyoto have made it part of the culture.
In many legends, the waters of Kyoto are said to possess spiritual power, including the Otowa-no-taki waterfall of Kiyomizu Temple and the sacred Gion water of Yasaka Shrine, both of which are located near the hotel.
This soft underground water, which has extremely low levels of calcifying ions, is distinguished for its delicate feel on the skin and its pure, smooth taste.