La Bombance Gion Kyoto cuisine gets a modern
update from the team
behind the award-winning
La BOMBANCE Tokyo and Hong Kong


The restaurant, "La Bombance Gion" is on the 1st floor of Annex.
The “Otsu-Migaki” polished high ceiling provide a sense of spaciousness
and inside counter has a lacquered finishing reminiscent with the four seasons,
also the dining table is made of a 11-meter long single plate wood.
Annexed is a restaurant from which guests can enjoy a beautiful view of greenery outside the large windows.
The restaurant’s cuisine is overseen by the La Bombance restaurant in Nishi-azabu, Tokyo,
which has been Michelin-starred for ten consecutive years since 2008.
La Bombance, which attracts gourmets in Tokyo and Hong Kong with creative cuisine,
uses an abundance of ingredients from Kyoto to create original new dishes that can only be savored here.
Based on traditional Japanese dishes, the restaurant daringly and freely wields its imagination beyond any given genre to produce elegance.
Guests staying at the hotel may enjoy the restaurant from breakfast through dinner.
And since lunch and dinner are also served to people who are not staying with us,
we look forward to celebrating special occasions with you, from business meetings to family gatherings and anniversaries.



(Reserved for guests staying at Sowaka)


Two types of breakfast are available at Sowaka: Japanese and Western, both are prepared with freshly Japanese dashi-soup.
Japanese style: handmade tofu, warm omelet, Saikyo style grilled fish, served with rice, miso soup with plenty of seasonal vegetables.
Western style: scrambled eggs and grilled vegetables, hams, soup, yogurt and handmade fresh juice.

Example Dish


Lunchtime at La Bombance shows a different charm from dinner.
While using the same ingredients and same skills provided at the dinner time, we offer a lunch menu that’s more casual and homey. From a hearty tuna bowl to beef sukiyaki, the lunch will surely satisfy our guests with its volume and taste.



La Bombance proudly presents authentic Japanese cuisine with a modern touch of flavors. The monthly menu utilizes fresh local seasonal ingredients; just like La Bombance in Nishi-azabu, the chef prepares each dish with a story to tell, creating long lasting memories for our guests. Our menu offers both a set course and à la carte dishes.

Example Dish

Seats 34 - 40 people (seats 14 people at the counter, and 8 in the semi-private room.)


La Bombance Owner Chef

Makoto Okamoto

Born 1973 in Niigata Prefecture.
Having worked at Japanese restaurant Kamogawa, Kioicho Fukudaya, opened La Bombance in Nishiazabu. Was recognized for a new Japanese cuisine that was not bogged down with form, and received Michelin 1-star status 10 consecutive years beginning in 2008. Opened La Bombance Hong Kong in 2016.


La Bombance Gion, Chief Chef

Tadahiko Urimori

Born 1961 in Ehime Prefecture.
After working at various famous Japanese restaurants in the Kansai region, including Kyoto, started working at La Bombance in 2006. He was chosen as chief chef by Mr. Okamoto, the owner chef because, “It is unusual for a Japanese restaurant in Tokyo to open a restaurant in Kyoto. He’s the only one who understands La Bombance cuisine and who knows a lot about Kyoto in order to meet this challenge.”

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