sowaka Nostalgic yet new.
A new hotel in Kyoto’s Gion district
where you can truly relax.

Sowaka is a Sanskrit word meaning “happiness” or “wellbeing.”
It is a word of blessing, often spoken at the end of the Buddhist sutras
that echo through the innumerable temples of Kyoto.

Once across the stone threshold, you are instantly transported to an oasis of calm.
Relax in one of Sowaka’s 23 individually designed rooms, listening to gentle breezes blow through the green and tranquil courtyard.

Situated in the charming neighborhood of Gion and Yasaka,
the hotel effuses ethereal elegance in its luxurious space combining nostalgia with modernity.

Enjoy creative, distinctive Kyoto cuisine at La BOMBANCE Gion, the latest outpost of the award-winning Tokyo restaurant.
Meanwhile the ancient streets and charming neighborhoods of Kyoto are just outside your door.

“Sowaka” represents the very best wishes to our beloved guests.
May you enjoy an abundance of blessings.

(*Uchimizu is the custom of sprinkling water in gardens. People see uchimizu as a practical way of cooling the breeze while continuing an aesthetically pleasing and courteous custom.)

Latest News

  • 2019.07.12

    <Limited to 20 people in 10 groups

             Autumn Kodaiji visit Plan>

    It has been well received by everyone.

    We will sell the night view plan of Kodaiji temple from today,

    limited to our own site.

    Applicable dates are November 30 and December 7.

    From this time on, it includes dinner at La Bombance Gion.

    Please enjoy innovative Japanese foods of La Bombance.

    -Plan Overview-

    *Check-In November 30 or December 7

    *Limited to 10 groups and 20 people on any day

    *1 night with 2 meals (dinner and Breakfast)

    *10:15 pm SOWAKA Departure
      10:30 pm ~ Visit to Kodai-ji Temple

    Reservations can be made from the following.

    ( open a new tab )

    November 30

    December 7

  • 2019.06.28

    [Kiyomizu Temple Special Visit Plan(July 14th only)]


     Please enjoy dinner at the restaurant “La Bombance Gion” at “SOWAKA”, and then special tour at Kiyomizu Temple. The tour is only for the SOWAKA guests after closing the gate.  “Kiyomizu Temple” offers you the opportunity to experience Sange at the Great Lecture Hall with Buddha’s Footstone, which is not usually open to the public, as well as special information from the chief priest of the “Kiyomizu Temple” about Joju-in and the inner sanctuary of the main hall. Please take this opportunity to feel the quiet and deep atmosphere made by history and culture.


    Please book from following URL



  • 2019.06.19

    We prepare admission ticket for “Kikusui-boko”

    and tea ceremony ticket for every guest from 13 July – 16 July .

    Please enjoy “Gion Matsuri” the most famous festival

    in Japan while staying sowaka.


    Reservation is below:

Guestrooms A space of hospitality
where you can feel
the spirit of “suki”

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RestaurantLa BOMBANCE Gion Kyoto cuisine gets a modern
update from the team
behind the award-winning
La BOMBANCE Tokyo and Hong Kong

Tailored Experiences Specially tailored tours of some
of Kyoto’s most unique attractions
make for a truly memorable stay

Local Attractions Discover the spirit of Kyoto,
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